10 July, 2019 | MedTech Strategist

A New Endoscopic Option for Patients with Obesity

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Nitinotes is a member of a rising class of companies operating in endoscopic gastroenterology, which aim to help underserved patients that have diseases of the GI system. With an automated endoscopic suturing device for sleeve gastroplasty, the start-up is targeting obesity.

Disruption is brewing in the field of gastrointestinal endoscopy, which, until recently, was largely a diagnostic tool. Certainly, colon cancer has been prevented by endoscopic screening and the removal of suspicious polyps, and Barrett’s esophagus has also already yielded to endoscopic ablation. But now this endoscopic platform is opening up to enable the minimally invasive treatment of some medically serious conditions that are even more prevalent, like obesity and GERD. According to Apollo Endosurgery Inc., which is purely focused on the endoluminal treatment of such diseases, obesity alone represents a $4.8 billion global market.